Actress Caught Eating During Live TV Debate With Arnab, Says ‘Didn’t Get Chance To Talk’

During school, all of us have eaten our lunch in between classes when the teacher wasn’t looking. But when you’re on a live TV debate with the camera on, being sneaky becomes a little difficult.

Yesterday, when actress Kasturi Shankar was part of a debate titled ‘Has The Bollywood Lobby Stifled Talent?’, she was seen enjoying her lunch and it brought back all of those childhood memories.

People on Twitter admired her confidence and admitted that they’ve done it too, albeit after switching off the camera. Of course, there were those who poked fun at the incident. Take a look.

In her defense, the actress replied that she wasn’t given a chance to participate in the debate and was on mute for 67 minutes. To all those asking what she was eating, she sportingly replied that she was enjoying Pongal. In a tweet, she added that it was unintentional as she forgot to sign off from Skype.

Have you ever sneaked in food during a work conference call?

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