An Actor Tried To Recreate The Infamous Nirbhaya Post-Rape Scenes. Look How People Reacted.

In a bold and shocking social experiment, Varun and his team tried to recreate the post-rape scenes of the infamous Delhi gang-rape incident. An accident hit person bleeding profusely literally begged for help, but in vain.

The video doesn’t talk about what one should do on witnessing a similar situation. Here’s what you can do:
1. Call the police. Dial 100.
2. Call an ambulance. Dial 101.
3. Offer a lift to the nearest Police station/Hospital.

Editor’s Note:
Why did no one come to help the poor victim? Is it apathy? Or is it the lack of leadership? To start a movement, you need a crazy leader who runs towards the victim & not away from him. Then you need the first follower who shows other bystanders how to follow the leader. Sounds too complicated? Watch this 3 minute video to understand this better & pitch in your comments.


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