“I Wanted To Have A Normal Husband,” Neena Gupta On Being Alone In Her Prime Years

Neena Gupta is an amazing actor, a cool parent, and most importantly a wonderful human being. She is also someone who wears her heart on her sleeve because as she puts it,

“What is nice about living from your heart, is that even if something goes wrong, you are content.”

Hindustan Times quoted the 62-year-old recalling the thoughts she had while penning down her autobiography saying,

“While I was writing the book I realized that I’ve been alone most of my younger years, my prime years, without a lover or a husband. I came here, there were some inconsequential affairs, nothing really materialized. I was all alone most of the time. Vivian was living far away, he had his own life. We met very seldom.”

“Whatever God gave me, wherever I went wrong, I accepted it and moved forward. I wanted to have a normal husband, children from the husband who’s living with me, my in-laws, grandparents…When I see other people, I do feel a little envious. But I didn’t blame (anyone), didn’t become an alcoholic, or went in a wrong direction because I didn’t get what I wanted.”

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She also said that a man she was going to marry called off the wedding at the very last minute,¬†“Till today I don’t know why. I had no option but to move on… What you read about my life is actually not what I wanted my life to be.”

There you have it folks, Neena Gupta at her candid best!

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