21 YO Acid Attack Victim Shares Her Gorgeous Pictures After Recovery And Wins The Internet

There’s only one way you can survive the brutal world and it’s with courage. While most of the times, we end up losing ourselves in the endless and ruthless war, some kind people of the world are godsent only to help you make through the journey without breaking. They have endured and braved such evils that when they speak, you do nothing but listen.

One of such very important people in the list is Resham Khan. She was out celebrating her 21st birthday when a stranger threw acid on her. Her injuries and burns could have scarred her for life, but she did not let that happen.


Resham has been documenting her fears and apprehensions in blogs and has been brave since the day it happened. It was difficult for her as her injuries made her lose her self-confidence. She was scared that she will probably never look the same.


She wrote about the time she was scared to go to the local shop. She said she was horrified by the fact that people might judge her.

“Today I was too petrified to walk to my local shop. Too scared to face the world. Too scared of the looks I might get. Too scared to tackle the question “how are you”. Just too scared. That’s all I’ve been. Terrified and reluctant. My life on pause, frozen with fear.”


Resham, on the eve of Eid, shared some pictures after her recovery. And, it goes without a say that she looks beautiful!


Here’s a better look.

The pictures are heart warming especially because her journey through all of this has been surreal. Look at that courageous woman!


And we are not the only ones who think she’s stunning. The Internet also can’t stop but gush over her!

1. Inspiration!


2. Beautiful indeed!


3. Isn’t she a slayer?


4. So do we!


5. Those heels!

Isn’t she amazing! It’s because of people like her that I still get by my day without breaking. If a 21-year-old can achieve such a feat, our life problems are probably not that big. Don’t you think?

H/T: The Telegraph