Acid Attack Survivor Shares Her Post-Recovery Pictures And The Internet Is Full Of Praises

Life, as we all know, can be very cruel. At times there are no second chances and the rest is a fleeting moment that leaves us with no respite, often without the chance itself. But like they say, life is not what happens to you but how you react to it. It is all about how you choose to brush the dirt and take on life, face-to-face by becoming a survivor.

Talking of survivors, remember the beautiful Resham Khan who braved an acid attack at the age of 21 only to come out stronger and bolder? The same braveheart who didn’t get bogged down by the evil designs of life and emerged as an icon to many, winning the internet with her recovery pictures?


Well, the 21-year-old woman of substance has done it again and she is looking better than ever. In fact, she took to Twitter and wrote, 

“Time to stop hiding.”

Even her Instagram is basking in her glow of positivity. Yes, she used the help of make-up to highlight because, why not?

1. Isn’t she just gorgeous?

2. That nose ring though!

3. And smile…

Needless to say, the internet is hailing her as a hero that she clearly is. See for yourself. 


2. ‘More power to you.’

3. Couldn’t agree more!

4. Who isn’t?

5. Awwwwww!

6. Never. EVER.

7. I’m sure she does!

8. Love in abundance.

9. ‘God bless.’

10. WORD.

While she admits she has beautified her selfies (like all of us do), nothing takes away from the fact that her spirit to live life undeterred is inspiring. In fact, earlier, she had even shared her no-makeup/ no-filter pictures for the world to see that she is not ashamed of her scars.

Way to go, Resham. You are beautiful, inside and out. Keep shining!