This Gujarati Mechanic Has Made Everybody’s Dream Come True With His ‘AC-Sofa’


You know when you go for that house shopping, deciding on that ‘one’ sofa requires so much of hassle. It tends to get very boring skimming the catalogues and finally deciding to get one! But, have a look at this AC Sofa!

A Gujarat Mechanic designed an AC Sofa which can also be used for outdoor events.

He is just a repairman named Dashrath Patel who hails from Gandhinagar. This idea was implemented few years ago, but it weighed 175 kg which was too much. So, NID (National Institute Of Design) helped him in his endeavor.

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Making of AC Sofa

1. Patel thought of this innovative sofa back in 2008 and he implemented his thoughts into making that. But, his sofa had only one drawback – It weighed 175 kg.


2. He had heard of Design Clinic Scheme of MSME Ministry and approached them with his idea. They decided to help him out with the layout. Thus, its weight got reduced to 35 kg.

Ankit Vyas who is an alumnus of NID helped Dashrath make this affordable and lighter.

How does it work?

1. This works just like a split AC which has a unit inside the sofa linked by pipe to an outer unit.


2. The air flow will be controlled by the hand-rest part of the sofa.

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Characteristics of the sofa

1. It can be run in fan mode.

2. You can also increase or decrease the temperature as per your requirement.

3. It’s light.

4. It consumes less electricity than a normal AC tower (consumes 10 % less power).

The earlier model of 2008 was made from wood which contributed to it being heavy. Now, he replaced that with glass fibre.


Price – Rs 1-1.5 Lakh

The only drawback as of now is that it is not affordable for common people. It is targeted for business hotels and events.

Wow! So, it’s not fake after all. I cannot wait to use these sofas for our homes and offices. Imagine the ‘coolness’!

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