Under Those 6-Pack-Abs, This FIT Mom Is 6 Months Pregnant And Everyone Is Flipping Out!

Motherhood is a beautiful feeling, isn’t it? And, documenting that growing baby bump is a beautiful journey every to-be-mom embarks on. That baby bump grows with each passing day and look adorable. But, it totally differs from one mom to another, in terms of the bump size and the way they look.

Like this to-be-mom, Sarah Stage. The 33-year-old model showed off her to-die-for figure with washboard abs with a second child, despite being in her third trimester.


Sarah is a fitness buff and was seen enjoying the beach with her son, recently. Even her first pregnancy was similar.


Tweeple flipped out upon seeing her perfect figure.ย And, netizens just lost it.

1. It sure is insane.


2. That query.ย ?



3. They dug out old photos of her first pregnancy.


4. Our thoughts exactly.


5. They started sharing their weight gain stories.


6. They just couldn’t believe.


7. They imagined situations.


8. And, reactions like these.ย ?


9. They were looking for the baby.


10. So relatable.


11. More photos.


12. Of course. ๐Ÿ˜›


13. They had all sorts of reactions.


14. This confused soul.


And, this is us.

There were some really nasty comments too, but we chose not to pay heed to them. Some were really mean too. People, get a grip on the meanness, we suggest.

And, in case you are wondering if this is possible. Well, it totally is and the baby is safe and healthy too. So, chill.