Abhishek Fires A Sassy Response To Woman Who Spoke About Aaradhya And Her “Arrogant Mom”

What is the one thing that new media has that the media before it didn’t— interactivity. This interactivity lets us bridge the gaps between our favourite celebs and chit-chat with them like it was never possible before. But what happens when this interactivity takes an ugly turn?

It is one thing to scrutinise celebs for their antics, after all, they did sign up for it when they chose stardom. But, bringing their children into ugly trolling is another thing, and absolutely uncalled for.

Recently, Aaradhya was seen attending a wedding in with mommy Aishwarya. Twinning in resplendent red ensembles the mother-daughter duo looked picture perfect.

This was probably what triggered a lady to Tweet Abhishek Bachchan questioning him on Aaradhya’s childhood. Objecting to the 6-year-old’s frequent outings with her mommy she asked Junior Bachchan accusing him of “going for beauty without brains”.


With one Tweet, the lady dissed Abhishek and Aishwarya for their parenting choices and even called the former Miss World an “arrogant mom”.

But Junior Bachchan proved he was the king of sass with his fitting reply defending his family.

You would think that the conversation ended here and the woman got a taste of her own medicine. However, you’re mistaken.

The woman then went on about how the Bachchans should share more “normal” pictures of Aaradhya. She said the child’s pictures shouldn’t always be of those “hanging on her mom’s arm”.


She even clarified that she isn’t “from India” and hence didn’t know the procedures here. And even thanked him for his reply!


But the gyaan didn’t end even there, the lady had more to say.

She told him about the practices all around the world and even told him to “google it”. Yep.


Twitterati immediately came to Abhishek’s defence and made some pretty valid points.

1. Stole words out of my mouth.

2. Why do we feel entitled to give opinions on everything a celeb does?

3. I absolutely agree.

4. We’re with you Junior B!

5. Yes, the perils of the Twitter world.

I don’t know why people don’t think twice before bringing a celebrity down. Do we do it because we think they won’t read the comment? Whether they do or don’t I think more than the celeb, it is the mindset of the user that is reflected.

And bringing their children into this whirlwind of the cyber world is just plain cruel.