Abhinav Shukla Reveals He Is Borderline Dyslexic In Emotional Post, Celebs Shower Support

Celebs have often opened up about hitherto concealed aspects of their lives right from alcoholism to suffering miscarriages. This time around it is TV actor Abhinav Shukla who has revealed that he is borderline dyslexic. Abhinav took to Twitter and Instagram to divulge the fact and explained that it took him nearly 20 years to come to terms with this reality. 

Abhinav shared, “I am a borderline dyslexic, it is public now! So i will divulge more, its nobody’s fault, not even mine, it is what it is! It took me 2 decades to accept this fact! Now numbers and figures dont embarrass me! I am exceptional in spatial ability. I am differently abled.”

He further wrote, “Yeah, numbers, alphabets, words confound me, i have difficulty remembering dates, names, relation of those dates to names et al. But i am exceptional at spatial ability. Ask me to put all your extra luggage in your car’s boot( Dicky) . I will! I am good at few things and bad at few! And i am in a perpetual process of improving on things i am bad at (sic).”

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His heartfelt admission garnered lots of support from audiences and celebs who reached out to shower love in the comment section of his post.

More power to you, Abhinav!

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