Despite A Damaged Rifle, Abhinav Bindra Finished 4th. We Are Very Proud Of Him!

Olympic gold medalist, Abhinav Bindra missed out on a medal by a very thin margin yesterday. Bindra scored a 163.8 in the 10m Air Rifle and secured the 4th position. However, as you come to know the constraints he had to face for the shot, you can’t help but think that he could have easily secured the 1st spot.

Hours before the event, Bindra had fallen down with his gun which damaged the sight of his rifle. The sight being the equipment through which the shooter takes aim, is a key factor behind success in a 10m Air Rifle shoot.

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Senior journalist Digvijay Singh Deo elaborated the entire incident n Twitter for the world to know!


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Abhinav didn’t back out of the competition and chose to go ahead with a replacement rifle and managed to secure the 4th position in the prestigious game. Also, when he addressed his fans through Twitter, there were no excuses in his note.

Gold and silver are merely metals but it is the unputdownable sportsman’s spirit that counts the most.

News Source: Deccan Chronicle 

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