“If I Speak The Truth, He Won’t Be Able To Show His Face” – Anurag Kashyap On Abhay Deol

Anurag Kashyap and Abhay Deol had a public falling out after working together on the film Dev D. Kashyap, the director, criticized Deol, the lead actor, for being difficult to work with and for having high expectations despite the film’s limited budget.

“He would stay in a five-star hotel while the entire crew stayed in Paharganj for a film that was made on a very tight budget. Also, the reason a lot of his directors went away from him,” Kashyap had said back in 2020.


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In response to his allegations, Abhay Deol called him a “gaslighter”, “liar” and “toxic person” and warned people about him.

In a recent interview, the topic of Abhay Deol was brought up in front of Anurag Kashyap again. Kashyap claimed that if he begins to tell the truth about Deol, the latter won’t be able to show his face.

“I am not bad at maintaining relationships. Abhay, I have not met him since the shooting of Dev D. He didn’t even come for promotions and he has never spoken to me since. If he wants to call me toxic, fine, it’s his side of story. The truth can’t be spoken, because if I will speak the truth, he won’t be able to show his face,” India Today quoted him saying.

Kashyap further added that Deol doesn’t have the courage to reveal the entire truth because it will ultimately make him look like “s**t”.


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“There is too much truth in there that Abhay will also not have the courage to talk about. And I will not talk about it because it will make him look like s**t.”

What are your views regarding their public spat?

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