Abhay Deol’s Secret To ‘Stop Complaining About Life’ Has Netizens Thanking Their Ex!

Yes, heartbreaks hurt. But nothing is more satisfying than watching someone in a ‘committed’ relationship with our ex while we enjoy thinking ‘Iska Bhi Katega’. Well, if you’re having a rather sh*tty day at work, here’s a pick me up from Abhay Deol.

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The ZNMD actor shared a post on his social media account that will help you laugh off your problems in a jiffy. Take a look at what he regrammed on his Instagram profile:

Abhay’s mantra for counting your blessings sure resonates with most of us (especially those who’ve gotten out of toxic relationships of left behind clingy ex-es). So the next time you think you’re having a bad day, simply think about the person saddled with your ex! His sister and actor Esha Deol was among the first to comment on Abhay’s post.

Here is how others reacted to Abhay’s post:

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Well, that post certainly made me feel good about where I am today. How about you? :wink:

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