Coimbatore Students Make A Record Breaking Abdul Kalam Portrait With 2.35 Lakh Paper Cups!

APJ Abdul Kalam is one of the very few people in Indian history who probably did not have any haters from any section of the society.

The students of Camford International School in Coimbatore gave the great man a tribute that would have made him proud.

167 students used 2,35,000 disposable paper cups to make a gigantic portrait that covered an area of 981 square meters. The students have sent the video of the attempt to Guinness World Records as evidence.

Abdul Kalam portrait
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The students completed the portrait in just 4 hours with expert coordination. They worked very hard in the rehearsal sessions before the attempt, where they organised themselves and assigned different groups, specific tasks.


The school correspondent said that the reason the children chose Abdul Kalam is because he gave the students in India a special place in his heart.

“Every meeting that he addressed, he always sent out a message to the student community and is an inspiration to the children.”

It looks like the students might just get a place in the record books. The previous record is held by Vodafone where the company logo was made using 1.4 lakh cups in 4 hours and 15 minutes.

And just like the portrait is well deserved to the memory of our dear ex-president, the record will be well-deserved to the students who worked in an excellent way for 4 hours to make the portrait come to life!

Source – India Today, NDTV

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