Aaj Tak Reports What Aryan Khan Is Eating, How He’s Sleeping, Desis Say ‘RIP Journalism’

Ever since Aryan Khan’s arrest, many leading news channels have been exclusively showing news related to the case. From trending Twitter hashtags to online trolling, Aryan’s arrest seems to dominate our online and offline world.

However, a video posted on Twitter by the news channel Aaj Tak has been grabbing several eyeballs online. It talks about how Aryan Khan is sleeping and what is he eating during his NCB custody, followed by poor animation.

The video revealed how Aryan is eating the NCB mess food, that he has been sent clothes from his phone, and how he spoke to his father, Shahrukh Khan, for 2 minutes via a landline phone.

Have a look:

People online slammed the news channel for placing importance on such trivial news instead of broadcasting the larger issues that are at play across the country.

What are your views regarding the video? Tell us.

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