This Teenager Gives A Kickass Response To Shobhaa De Body Shaming Kate Middleton

Around more than a week ago, Shobhaa De earned herself a lot of flak for her body shaming remarks after Prince William and Kate Middleton toured India.

Commenting on the Duchess of Cambridge not opting to wear a saree, she wrote the following in an article:

“Kate has skipped wearing a saree. Her waist is perfect for crinoline ball gowns from “Gone with the Wind”. But a saree needs curves. A saree demands a derriere. Kate has none.” Thus, very obviously implying, that Kate does not have the proper figure to drape a saree. This is exactly what body shaming is all about.


People were not impressed. And definitely not social media.

However, the best response that Shobhaa De got over her views was from a 19-year-old girl, Sneha Roy, from Assam.

Read her post below:

“A Sari needs curves : Kate has none.”
– Shobhaa De

Let me tell you, when an 80-year old Indian woman, be it your aging mother, mother-in-law, or your own grandmother : greets you with a smile so radiant, bedecked in a saree loosely draped over her frail body : her once supple youth having fallen victim to Time :
A Sari needs no curves.

Let me tell you, when your daughter of ten, excitedly dons on a sari, with a being glowing soft with a loveliness so childlike on Saraswati Puja :
A Sari needs no curves.

Let me tell you, when an anorexic Indian girl, dresses up all pretty in a pink sari to bring in a new tomorrow, lighting up her father’s face to remove his tears of distress :
A Sari needs no curves.

But, I being an amateur, find it rather hilarious to tell you what a writer needs.

And, a heart.

Ms De, seems like, you my “curvaceous” woman, have none.

Such a Shame.

Here’s the original post:

Sneha hit the nail on the head very well, and her response is heavily trending now.

Wonder what Shobhaa De Has to say about this.

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