Desi Twitter Gets Nostalgic On Seeing 90s Stationery, Shares Funny Memories

Back in school, little things made me happy. A new pencil box, chowmein for tiffin, or writing on the crispy first page of a new notebook. Stationery that doesn’t seem fancy now was a big deal back then.

For example, that one long eraser that was red on one side and blue on another with a thin white line in the middle! I remember my friends saying that the blue bit could erase ink. Oh boy, was I wrong!

Reacting to a picture of the eraser, many people online shared hilarious memories. While some remembered how instead of erasing the ink, the blue bit tore a hole into the paper, others revealed bizarre ‘myths’!

Remember this pen that had multiple crayons inside? Yes, the rich kids had this.

Who had this 4-refills-in-one pen?

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This little bottle of blue inks left so many stains everywhere!

And then came these colourful ‘Pen pencils’.

My friends and I used to call this ‘click pencil’. What did you call this?

Isn’t it amazing how the smallest of things got us so excited back in school?

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