90s Kids Are Sharing Rumours They Believed In Childhood And It’s A Nostalgic Trip

Being in the 21st century, when I look back at my childhood, I feel thankful to have grown up in the 90s. Taking nothing away from the current situation, life was much simpler back in the 90s and most importantly, we lived at the moment.

However, what have remained constant over the time periods, are the rumours, we grow up believing in. And it is only when we touch adulthood that we realize that our childhood was basically a ‘lie’.

In a beautiful social trend, people who grew up in the 90s are now sharing the things they thought to be true but turned out to be a rumour. And you bet, it’s one hell of a nostalgic ride!

No wonder he scored so many runs.

Thanks to Bollywood.


How I miss my school days!

I still believe in this.

And then, life played a nasty game with me.

Universal saviour.

The ‘Undertaker’ was the biggest ghost we knew.

And so was his brother Kane.

Pretty much.

Cricket kept us hooked.

I have done this a million times.

Where does all the strength come from?


‘Tere Naam’ much?

Raise your hands up if you can relate!

Going by this, I would have had a hundred HMT watches by now.

The reason why my life is a mess now.


God, can you please take me back to the 90s?

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