Amazing Video Of 90 YO Retired Air Marshal Doing Pull-Ups Is All The Fitspiration We Need!

Have you ever realised that technology has massively messed up our lifestyle? With everything at the tip of our fingers, there is no need for us to move. There’s an app for everything – buying groceries, online shopping for goods, food delivery, booking a cab – in short, everything to make us majorly procrastinate.

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In the past, did you ever imagine that we’d need a device to track our footsteps? Or an app that will be telling us how much water to drink? I mean, shouldn’t these be coming naturally to us? But it doesn’t anymore and we have completely sold ourselves to places like the gym where most of us cannot last more than a month and ‘kal se jayenge’ has become an everyday slogan!

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In such an age, being fit has become a novelty because exercise seems like too much hard work and lying around like a sloth bear binging on pizza makes life seem better. So if you are someone who is a victim of failed fitness plans and unused gym memberships, we might just have the best ‘fitspiration’ for you!

The video of a 90-year-old retired Air Marshal doing pull-ups like a boss has hit the internet and is wow-ing the bejesus out of people! Take a look!

Netizens were left completely stunned at the sight of this old man for whom age is just a number. Many were inspired and realised how the older generations are way fitter than we could ever be!

Hence, if you are making excuses, remember that they don’t count. If a 90-year-old can, so can you!