From Fixed Income To Structured Weeks, Women List The Many Benefits Of Working 9-5 Jobs

Nowadays, you’ll find many people romanticizing the idea of starting your own business venture, working at a startup, or having side hustles and multiple sources of income. Amidst all this, the humble 9-5 job seems to have lost its significance. This hustle culture has undermined the value of a set routine and fixed income.

Hence, several women on Reddit who work 9-5 jobs found it important to highlight the benefits of working a 9-5 job.

what are the benefits of having a standard 9-5 job? from AskWomen

First, your weekends are completely your own. No one is going to call and ask you to come in for some “urgent” work.

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And when did set routines become boring?

Honestly, a lot of people would dig to have some structure in their lives.

Also, there are so many other benefits like retirement schemes, insurance and fixed holidays that come from 9-5 jobs!

This also promotes a healthy sleep pattern.

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Some were also able to lead a more healthy lifestyle. For example, being able to take out time to exercise, make your own food, attend social activities, etc.

The kind of financial safety that it provides.

You can also align your daily plans with those of others.

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And for young parents, it is ideal!

So, would you want to work a 9-5 job?

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