79 YO Lingerie Model Breaks Stereotypes, Urges Older Women To Feel ‘Sexy’

For the longest time, clothes have always had 3 specific sections – men’s, women’s, and kid’s wear. It took many years for clothing companies to include a plus-size section. However, have you noticed that clothes, especially inner-wear, is extremely age-specific? You won’t find people from the older generation, for example, those above 60 years of age, modelling for inner-wear. Because clothing companies have pushed the older generation to obscurity.

To create awareness of fashion for the oldies, a 79-year-old ‘granny’, Helena Schargel from Brazil, has launched her own inner-wear collection in collaboration with Brazil’s Recco Lingerie. On her Instagram page, she is seen is donning sexy lingerie and striking a pose to make women, especially older women visible, reports News18.

Helena used to work at a fabric company. After her retirement, she couldn’t sit still and wanted to “drag older women out of obscurity.

According to a report by Hindustan Times, Helena claimed that Brazilian women, especially those above 60, have long been overlooked by the clothing industry, society, and even themselves.

The Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Brazil said, “She reminds you that there is a life after 60, 70 and it can be sexy, it can be fun and it can also be profitable.”

In her initial modelling days, Helena was shy and had butterflies in her stomach on the thought of wearing lingerie for photoshoots. Now, however, she wears them with grace and confidence.

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She also tries looking as normal as possible and insists on no photo-editing.

“I always say, ‘Please, leave all my little wrinkles just as they are. They are very important. They show that I have arrived here’.”

All her modelling pictures on Instagram have encouraging words written underneath which are addressed to women her age.

“Twenty, thirty years from now, there will be many more grannies than young people. We need to prepare for this. Companies need to prepare for this,” she said.

When we talk about body-positivity in relation to clothing, we tend to only focus on size. We also need to be age-sensitive and not leave the older generation behind. Because being ‘sexy’ doesn’t come with an age limit.

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