Twitter Reacts To 76 YO Woman Swinging With Childlike Joy In Andhra Pradesh

“Don’t let your inner child die.” After all, age is just a number and you can do anything you set your heart at. From flying for the first time to being a lingerie model, senior citizens are enjoying life in the same manner as in their youth.

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Speaking of which, a 76-year-old granny is swinging her way through life, literally! Jaya from Andhra Pradesh can put any young person to shame with her swinging skills. The elder woman is totally enjoying herself as she swings back and forth while standing up.

Have a look at the entire video:

So, while many of us can’t even swing properly while sitting down, this 76-year-old granny is physically fit enough to do it while standing up. In fact, she doesn’t even require any help as she swings back and forth flawlessly. It goes without saying, she has great stamina and amazing balancing skills.

Several people were blown away by her strength and admired how she is still young at heart: 

The super adorable granny is giving us major #lifegoals. However, honestly, I doubt I’ll ever be as fit as her. How about you? Tell us!