74-YO Woman Gives Birth To Twins, But Celebrations Are Ruined After Husband Suffers A Stroke

It is said that it is better late than never. And Mangayamma Yaramati, a 73-year-old woman from Andra Pradesh has proven it! She has become the oldest mother in the world by giving birth to twin babies recently reports BBC.

She underwent a cesarean section on Thursday following a successful IVF treatment in a private hospital in Guntur.

“It is due to the grace of God and doctors that I have now become a proud father of two baby girls. God has answered our prayers. This is the happiest time of my life,” Mangayamma’s husband Rajarao said.

Mangayamma failed to conceive after all these years, despite repeated attempts. Hence, her neighbors even taunted her, calling her a ‘childless woman’. But her husband stood by her through the thick and thin. Long after her menopause, the couple’s wish to become parents took an unexpected turn.

They finally decided to turn to IVF treatment and used an egg from a donor and fertilized it with Rajarao’s sperm. Mangayamma conceived during the very first round of treatment itself. She was admitted to the hospital in January and gave birth to two healthy babies recently.

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Rajarao was excited and overwhelmed to become a father at the age of 80. When he was questioned about his choice of being a father at such an old age and who would look after the children if anything goes wrong with their elderly parents, he said, “Whatever should happen will happen. It is all in the hands of God.”

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But fate had something else in store for him as he suffered a stroke just a day after his daughters were born. He is currently receiving the treatment in a hospital.

The mother and the babies are, on the other hand, doing well. We hope Rajarao has a speedy recovery and joins his happy and complete family soon!

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