UK Hotel Charges Man ₹71 Lakh For A Beer, Swipes His Card For Another ₹1.7 Lakh Transaction Fee

If you thought you were done for the week and were ready to drink your weekend away, here is a piece of news that will make your head spin. After actor Rahul Bose was billed  Rs.442 for 2 bananas at a luxury hotel in Chandigarh and a Man billed Rs.1700 for 2 boiled eggs in Mumbai, now it’s a journalist who had to pay a huge price for a bottle of British beer. Not because that’s the actual cost of the beer, but for a completely different reason altogether.

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Australian cricket journalist Peter Lalor is the unfortunate one who was charged $99,983.64, (Rs.71.6 lakh approx.) for a bottle of beer at a hotel in Manchester.

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He took to Twitter and shared the entire episode tweet by tweet explaining the saga of him paying a huge price for a bottle of Deuchars IPA.

An expert in beer, Lalor says that although the original version of it won a heap of awards, it’s not worth $100,000. The beer was originally priced at £5.50 (Rs.484.07 approx.)

He explains about the unfortunate night when he went to the hotel and desired to try a British beer.

Apparently, all this was a billing mistake by the hotel. According to reports, the hotel spokesperson told, “We are currently carrying out an investigation into what took place. We have been in contact with Peter to apologise and ensure this has been resolved as quickly as possible.”

Well, Lalor also has to pay a transaction fee for the amount deducted which amounted to $ 2,499.59 (Rs 1.79 Lakh approx.).

Here’s what Lalor learnt from the entire incident:

Well, the hotel’s mistake does reflect that it is always sensible to check details of payments and receipts.

Happy weekend!

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