7 Illogical Arguments Used Against The LGBT Community That Need To Go Away

In a world where popular culture mostly accepts the man-woman relationship, individuals who like the same-sex have always been the subject of discrimination from the sections of society.  The worst part is, the arguments used against them are highly illogical.

So here’s a list of 7 most absurd arguments that the LGBT community has to face

1. It is against the act of nature

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If the romantic and sexual act between two individuals of the same sex doesn’t result in pro-creation, in that sense, several childless couples should be a part of the “against the nature” tag. Isn’t cutting trees to build high tech buildings against nature? Or polluting the environment? The truth is, ignorance and hypocrisy is against nature.


2. The whole world will turn into gays and lesbians

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If I were to see a same sex couple getting married, would I really do the same thing? No. Not unless I were romantically and emotionally inclined to do that. We all are rational individuals and our choices are governed by reason. If one’s interest is to marry and settle down, no one can stop them from doing that. So, accept people the way they are.


3. It’s against our culture

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Again, it is not in an individual’s liberty to decide what is and what not a part of culture is. History proves the acceptance of same-sex relationships in ancient times, and by definition, culture is a manifestation of changing patterns in the society.


4. It’s a disease

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Just because society is created to fulfill the interest of men and women, family, and pro-creation, this becomes a disease?  It has been proven that homosexuality is not a disease. So, there’s no further reason to attack someone with it.


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5. It leads to HIV/AIDS

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So, by that logic, Africa and India (countries who top the list in HIV/AIDS cases) have the maximum number of same-sex couples? The reasons for HIV/AIDS are many; unprotected sex is one them. Attacking a specific community for it is not fair.


6. It’s a SIN

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Sin and virtue are subjective concepts, and no one gets to decide otherwise. The biggest ‘sin’ would be the lack of acceptance of an individual’s alternative lifestyle. The sheer ignorance of the matter around us and our character breeds nothing but hatred.


7. Get married to opposite sex, you will be fine

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There are several individuals who, by the fear and pressure of society, end up living dual, miserable lives by getting married to the sex they are not attracted to. They end up cheating themselves and their partners, leaving both unhappy.

The degree of variance must be accepted with a large heart and people who advocate hatred must be ignored. Live and Let live. Spread peace and love.

By Sourav Chandgothia

Sourav is a freelance writer, traveler and a reader. He likes to write for a living and ‘philosophize’ to survive in this world. He is also interested in making a career as a screenwriter/director in the world of cinema.

Cover image source: Gaysi Family

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