Bengaluru Shocker: 7 Employees Kidnap & Torture Boss For Not Paying 7 Month’s Salaries

There is nothing in the world that can cheer you up better than having your salary credited at the beginning of the month. Because accept it, millennial life is all about the hustle. Most of us step out of their homes and try to make it on their own. Suddenly we are paying our own bills and taxes, and that’s why money becomes so important.

So when there’s a delay in receiving our salaries, we get a panic attack. And we kind of sneakily wish doom upon our boss.

But it came as a shock when 7 employees of a private firm in Bengaluru kidnapped their boss for not paying their salaries for 7 months!

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According to sources, 23-year old Sujay had to shut down his start-up after suffering losses. He had assured his employees that their salaries would be paid but failed to keep his word.

Frustrated by the cash-crunch, 7 of his employees decided to kidnap him and take him to a farmhouse in Maddur.

The kept Sujay locked up and tortured him till he promised to arrange for their salaries. After he managed to convince them, the accused let him go.

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The Hindu revealed that while Sujay was coming back home, he tried taking his own life after which he was admitted to the hospital. On arrival of the police, Sujay dictated the entire incident.

The police have arrested four of the accused on the charges of abduction, assault, and criminal intimidation. They have been trying to track the other three.

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While suffering a cash-crunch due to delayed salary can make anyone helpless, kidnapping and torturing your boss is no solution!

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