“You Are Not Alone,” 5-YO Writes In Letter To 93-YO Neighbour Amid Lockdown

If you’ve ever written or received a letter then you know it’s one of the best feelings on this planet. The joy and thrill of owning a heartfelt note is priceless. This slow and less stressful form of communication surely helps you connect with yourself and others.

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Speaking of which, a five-year-old girl wrote a letter to her 93-year-old neighbor amid the coronavirus lockdown. The little girl inquired about the elderly man’s health and well-being as he is self-isolating alone, reports News18. She wrote to him to reassure him that he was not alone.

Have a look at the heartwarming letters shared by the old man’s granddaughter:

The 93-year-old was self-isolating following the Government’s advice for over 70s to stay at home, reports the Mirror. He promptly replied to his neighbor’s letter informing her that he was doing okay. He also wrote a little about himself and thanked the child for her kindness.

Many people were touched by this beautiful exchange between the child and the elderly neighbor:

Others shared their joyful experience of writing and receiving a handwritten letter:

Letters are definitely priceless possessions. And, this kind gesture by the little girl surely made our day. Tell us if you’ve ever written or received an emotional letter!

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