5 YO Girl Uses FaceTime To Save Mother’s Life After She Has A Stroke

Kids these days are undoubtedly witty and intelligent. From sniffing dad’s hidden ice-cream to becoming the world’s youngest graduate,  present-day children are adorable, smart and tech-savvy.

Although a lot of people may argue that young kids are addicted to devices nowadays but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Damien Galvin from Cork, Ireland taught his five-year-old daughter how to use FaceTime on her iPad so she could call her cousin, grandparents, and family anytime she wanted to. Little did he know that his thoughtful gesture would help him save his wife’s life.

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Recently, Priya FaceTimed her father while he was on his way to work. Damien, who usually doesn’t answer calls while driving picked up his daughter’s call for some strange reason. Sobbing frantically the little girl informed him that her mother, Mary Constant, had suddenly collapsed on the floor while drinking tea, reports the Mirror.

As Damien tried to grasp the situation, Priya turned the camera towards her mother who was lying on the floor unconscious. He immediately hung up the call and informed Mary’s sister and parents who live nearby. They rushed to the spot and called for an ambulance.

Damien said “An ambulance came within about 40 minutes and Mary was seen to within seconds when she got there and she had a scan and that is when we found out that she had a stroke. A clot had traveled to the left side of her brain and that side had completely shut down”.

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Damien later thanked Mary’s surgeon who told him that Priya’s swift actions had saved her mother’s life and she is the real hero. The emotional father said that he will never stop his daughter from playing on her iPad.

Mary is now better as she is able to move and talk. She will be discharged from the hospital soon. We applaud the little girl’s quick presence of mind.

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