49 Things I Learned After Getting Enrolled In An Engineering College

  1. When they say its 10:1 guys to girls ratio, they are not kidding.
  2. But it still doesn’t mean every girl has a boyfriend. But every girl does and must have a boy as a friend. Friend zoned? Mostly.
  3. Four years to forget whatever science you learnt in 11th and 12th standard.
  4. Four years for developing a tough skull through which the new knowledge doesn’t seep in.
  5. We miss school teachers. We miss school.
  6. Canteen is college.
  7. Xerox wale uncle/ Bhaiya knows the syllabus better than us.
  8. Regular self study is rare and is considered a disease. People are always ready to provide you with the cure.
  9. TV series and movies.
  10. Lots of movies.
  11. Procrastination taken to another level.
  12. Pointers. Never to be asked.
  13. ^Ever.
  14. We bunk and we flunk (well almost)
  15. The geek guys are used for assignments, tutorials and answer suppliers during exams.
  16. Research paper publishers; Respect. And party.
  17. Placement; Party.
  18. Seniors; Party.
  19. Birthday; Party.
  20. In a relationship; Party.
  21. Pointers; Party.
  22. Basically anything; Party.
  23. Alcohol; The eternal bliss.
  24. Weed; Don’t even get me started.
  25. Trips are not to be planned with an all girls group. They would most probably back out.
  26. Own A DSLR; Open a photography page on Facebook. And be close to stage during celebrity nights.
  27. Festivals; Heads don’t work properly. Never ever. Even if it’s you.
  28. Various Clubs; We try too hard to keep them active throughout the year.
  29. ^It still doesn’t work out.
  30. No hot guys or hot girls in the same year.
  31. Seniors are always more attractive. And in relationships. Juniors are kids (from a girl’s perspective). Doesn’t matter if they are in any relationship. They are still kids.
  32. Those localite friends and their vehicles.
  33. Hostel wardens. Creatures of another world.
  34. Director. Creature of another planet.
  35. Professors. Do not belong to this universe.
  36. Teaching assistants. LOL.
  37. Lab assistants. The noble people.
  38. Practicals? LMAO!
  39. Friends and roomies. Worth spending the four years with.
  40. An eye opener.
    • They obviously lie when they tell you “Beta abhi padh lo. College mein masti maarna.”  You do get to do some fun. But history comes running back.
  41. Career? What career? WHAT WOULD I DO WITH MY LIFE?
  44. Happiest as well as the most depressing phase of life.
  45. ^Ironic. I know.
  46. And when you have nothing to do. In irritation, you end up opening  your blog/ Facebook page/ Twitter account/ Tumblr blog/ Youtube channel.
  47. After four years, you are in 10th standard again. The world is open to you. What field would you choose? You can even do MBBS if you are crazy enough. Chances are quite high that you will quit engineering.
  48. Bachelor of Technology/ Engineering? Bwahhahahahahahahahahahaha!
  49. GHANTA Engineering!

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saloni-prasad-new By Saloni Prasad

Once upon a time a girl dreamed of being an engineer. Meanwhile, fate was rolling on the floor laughing. And now what she does, besides “trying to study” engineering,  is eat, write and procrastinate. Follow her blog.

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