3-YO Says ‘Hi’ & ‘Good Morning’ To Imaginary People During Quarantine, Watch Video

While most introverts seem prepared to handle self-isolation due to coronavirus, the quarantine has been particularly hard for some extroverts. Lockdown protocols have put an end to plans with friends and being social is no longer an option (except virtually).

Twitter user Toby Marriott shared that his 3-year-old nephew Ralph, who usually likes to greet people on the street has adapted to the changed circumstances by saying “hi” and “good morning” to imaginary strangers during his daily walks, reports Hindustan Times.

The toddler also stops to smell the flowers along the way. Take a look.

Mail Online quoted the doting uncle saying,

“Ralph does this every day and misses his daily babycinno and all his friends at the local coffee shop. He has been leaving chalk drawings on his daily walk for his little local pals and waves over the garden wall at his elderly neighbours too.”

He added,

“Fortunately, my sister has a small garden so Ralph has been able to run around and talk to his toys and animals over the last couple of weeks! That being said, it is going to get more difficult to keep him entertained the longer the lockdown goes on, as is already missing interacting with people on the street, as you can tell in the video!”

The snippet melted hearts online with people praising Ralph’s polite manners. Everyone agreed that this was the result of good parenting.

How are you coping with the COVID-19 situation – with painting, music, gardening, online courses or something else?

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