3-YO Girl Orders Milk From A Liquor Bar & Netizens Love Her Confidence! Watch Video

Everyone would agree, kids these days are much cooler and sassier than what we were in the 90s. They have their ways of getting their demands fulfilled and are good observers and learners too. Their confidence and badass attitude are enough to make any millennial term them as ‘boss babies’.

Well, let us regale you with the saga of this 3-year-old ‘Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka’ who shocked the crowd with her ‘I don’t give a damn’ attitude when she went to the bar and ordered herself a drink.

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Reportedly, three-year-old Myla Anderson was holidaying with her family in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Out on the town one afternoon, she soon got hungry. But unfortunately, her parents forgot to pack her milk on their way out. Myla who didn’t have any time to let her parents come up with a solution took the matter in her hands. She went directly to the bar and ordered herself a bottle of milk, like a boss.

Her father Ben Anderson recorded the disappointed Myla sitting at the bar, waiting for her drink and shared the video on twitter.

“My daughter is actually something else. We told her there was no milk in the baby bag so she got out the pool and took herself to the bar to go and ask for some and the bar staff actually served her a glass,” Ben informed Metro.

He later informed that she had to settle for a glass instead of a bottle since the bar didn’t have any baby bottles around.

Reportedly, Myla was more than pleased when she finally received the beverage she was craving. She took the beverage back to the poolside where she then relaxed with her two siblings.

“The bartender was so good with her, gave her the milk and helped her down off the barstool and didn’t charge us for it. Myla strutted back to the pool looking all smug because she’d got what she wanted,” Ben said.

Millions of netizens liked the viral video of Myla sitting on a barstool and admired her confidence.

Like us, even her father couldn’t get enough of the video. “I can’t stop laughing at her facial expressions the more I watch this back!” he said.

We wish we were this cool and badass when we were kids. Don’t you?

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