3 Siblings Saved Pocket-Money For 2 Years & Donated ₹50K For Meghalaya Flood Relief!


Not just Assam, but even the state of Meghalaya has been suffering immensely due to constant rainfall and flooding. According to a report by India Today, the plains of West Garo Hills district were the most affected leaving nearly 1.14 lakh people at risk.

Rising waters from the Brahmaputra and Jinjiram rivers “submerged the low-lying areas of the district”, an official had reported. In these tough times, the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund was open for any contribution that could come their way to aid the people of Meghalaya.

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Surprisingly three young siblings, all students, donated a total of Rs. 50,000 to the fund. They had been saving the money from the past 2 years from their monthly pocket-money!

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According to sources, the 3 siblings are Joyharvard N Marak, a student of Shillong Commerce College, Tengsu and Dede Richa, both of whom are school students. They handed the check to Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma at his office located in Shillong.

“The money we donated today was from the savings we made over the past two years. All three of us save a portion of what we receive from our elders as pocket money. One of our aunts had been really generous when she found out about our intention,” Joyharvard said.

He added how his mother was completely unaware of their contribution.


“I called mom asking her to check our Facebook account after making the donation. She was surprised to find out about the donation and hugged us after we returned home,” he said.

Meghalaya CM later went on to post a picture of the siblings making their donation with a heartfelt note on Twitter:

What a remarkable gesture for these kids to make! We hope they inspire many more to make contributions to help victims of the flood.

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