3 Crazy Dance Videos At Indian Weddings That Will Make You Go “WTF”

There are three types of dancer in the world: good, bad and ‘Indian Wedding Dancer’. The videos you are about to witness are conducted by professionals, don’t try these at any wedding.

Drunk man gone crazy

Fun begins once the supposedly drunk man started ‘poking’. He’s in for a bumpy ride ahead. Hilarious.


The “Chicken Dance”

Micheal Jackson took dancing lessons from this guy.


Old lady enjoying the moment ūüôā

She may be older than most of us, but she surely knows how to “seize the moment”. CARPE DIEM. Three cheers to her attitude.



This video is suggested by ¬†Bhavika Sicka. This one surely can’t be missed. Enjoy and thanks Bhavika.


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