24 YO Becomes Billionaire Overnight After Parents Gift Him ₹26,944 Crores On Birthday


We have all dreamed and begged the almighty to miraculously make us rich overnight. While that looks too far-fetched for the majority of us, it did come true for one particular guy.

Meet Eric Tse! The 24-year-old who became an overnight billionaire after his parents ‘gifted’ him $3.8 billion USD on his birthday. According to a report by The Washington Post, he is now worth more than Donald Trump, director Steven Spielberg, and Starbucks founder Howard Schultz!

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According to ABC News, Eric Tse is the son of executive directors of a Chinese investment company named Sino Biopharmaceutical that sells pharmaceutical products. On his birthday, his parents decided to give him a fifth of the company’s shares which is worth more than 3.8 billion USD (26,944 Crore INR approx).

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He was also named the company’s Executive Director and a member of the executive board committee, reports Times Now. The company, in an official statement, said that the huge transfer was made to “refine the management and inheritance of family wealth”.

Eric Tse is known to hang out with celebrities like Rihanna, model Bella Hadid, and former basketball player Yao Ming.

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While Tse gets the best in the world, most of us can’t even get a text back and are busy chowing down on the only gift we got this Diwali- soan papdi! * sobs internally *.

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