21 Amusing Characters You Will Find In Every Boys Hostel In India

There’s only one word to describe the atmosphere inside a boys hostel – unreal. An outsider can never imagine what goes inside. From those late night boy talks to sleepless nights before exams, from night-outs to Counter Strike, from fighting over silly issues to making life long best buddies, there are only a few experiences that can come close.

So here’s an insider view of 21 types of boys you will find in every boys hostel in India.

1. The guy who knows every girl you put your eyes on


The database guy. “Yes, I know that girl. Pooja, 4th semester, from Lucknow, has a boyfriend, has a tattoo on her left forearm”


2. The ‘Chal, daru peetay hai’ guy

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Scored in your exams: daru party. Flunked your exams: daru party. Breakups: daru party and so on.


3. The Flirt


The one who scores. (not marks)


4. The Nerd (Maggu)


The guy that knows the syllabus. Everyone flocks to their rooms a night before exams.


5. The Bakchod


The extrovert who can tell you stories all night long. Happy go lucky.


6. The Politician


The leader of the lot. From protesting against crappy mess food to organizing Age of Empire matches, he can get it done (by someone else)


7. The Money Maker


While most students struggle with finances, these guys find ways to make money somehow.


8. Then there’s that guy who is always broke


Lend him money and you’ll never get it back.


9. The guy with a car


Bade baap ka bidga beta. That’s right.


10. The IMDB guy


They bring to you the best, handpicked TV series and movies from around the world. Torrentz zindabaad.


11. The guy who knows everything


Be careful before quoting half baked information in front of them. They’ve Wikipedia on speed-dial & only hang around in Quora.


12. The Body Builder


Workouts, baby. Protein shakes, eggs, oats and milk.


13. The Stinky one

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Every boys hostel has this record: The number of days one has spent without taking a shower. But some take it a bit more seriously.


14. The Loner


Serious guys with a serious face who like to spend their own sweet time staring at the wall inside their own room. Phew.


15. The Religious One


They are the ones who will try and stop you from eating non-veg during shravan month. But you will still have it.


16. The guy who organizes fests (The guy who makes money)

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Organizes tech events, cultural fests and pockets money. This is called ‘corruption at grassroot level’.


17. The Bhaiyya (of every girl)


He is the brother of every girl in the college. Friendzoned level 9000.


18. The Feku


They spin stories and rumors. From encounters with the opposite sex to aliens, they have done it all. (in their talks, ofcourse)


19. The Gamer Guys


DE_DUST2. Enough said. Samajhne wale samajh jayenge. And not to forget AOE, DOTA too.


20. The On-Call guys


They are the ones with real girlfriends. After the ‘in time’ of girls hostel, they can be found at any dark place in the hostel: corridors, staircases, shrubs, under the rug etc. talking to their sweethearts over the phone.


21. Finally, the lifeline of any boys hostel

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To put it mildly, they are the source, destination and distributor of Terabytes of well…Sunny Leone’s earlier videos. *cough cough*

Did we miss any? Let us know through your comments.

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