20 Types Of Amusing Guests You Just Can’t Avoid In India

They come and they go (well, usually).

“Atithi devo bhava” [Guest is God] is what is part of our code of conduct in Indian society. Whoever our guest is, we try our best to greet & treat them well. Here is a list of 20 types of guest you can expect in India.

1. The Foodie Guest

You are not well. They come to visit you. You need to feed them snacks.


Wanna know how I tore my ligament? Well, never mind!


2. The Long Stay Guest


They stay on without hinting on a leaving date.


3. The Nosy Guest


They intrude into your issues. They put their nose into your private matters & would be ever-ready with their “valuable” advice.


4. The Early Risers


They wake up early & make noises. NOISES!!!


5. The Charmer


They would charm everyone with their looks or skills. They just steal the show, leaving you jealous.

And you console yourself by saying this:



6. The Boastful


Makes you feel miserable if your house is small, kids are not doing as well in studies, or you don’t get diamonds as gifts. But you keep your smile intact.


7. The Booze Buddy


Need I say more?


8. The Social Bee


They always show up at wrong times. You tell them that you are busy or have some work. They still come in. 🙁


9. The Ride Back Home Guest


They would subtly insist on a drop back home. Always!


10. The Needy Guest


They appear at your place ONLY at times when they need to seek some help or money.


11. The Talkative


They can go on & on & on & on for hours without letting others speak.


12. The Santa


They would always get a gift for you – chocolates for kids, box of sweets, homemade goodies etc.


13. The Matchmaker


Eligible bachelor (or girl) for your son/daughter would come from top of their heads. Their database is always up-to-date.


14. The Long-time Neighbours


They consider themselves family and well, they do take care of your family when you are not around.


15. The Spouse Lecher


They would be just passing by your house always at the time when your spouse is alone at home.


16. The NRI


You need to put up with their tantrums – mineral water, unhygienic, oily, spicy food. Makes you feel how US (or the foreign country) is better than India in every regard.


17. The Marketeer


They come to sell something – LIC policies/Oriflame/Tupperware etc. When they come, you would be cooking stories in your mind to tell them why you can’t buy their policy (or product).


18. The Idle


They are couch potatoes who would not do a thing to help you. Easy to locate them – in front of the TV all day – while you do all the household work!


19. The Fussy


They are so fussy about their eating, bathing & sleeping habits that you don’t know what to serve them. “Aaj mera somvar hai, maine bataya tha tumhe” Grrr…

20. The Adorable Guests


You get so fond of these guests that you cry or feel sad when they leave. These are normally the ones who either took care of you when you needed or with whom you spent a gala time.

Finally, there’s no denying the fact that we all love some company. After all, hospitality is making your guests feel at home, even if you wish they were. 🙂

By Ananya Goswami

Ananya is a freelance writer and a software development lead by profession. She believes in taking life in its stride and considers a day well spent which has a creative outcome.

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