20 Things That Say You Have The Best Roommate Ever

When you stay away from home, you make friends with a strange species called roommates. They are more fun than siblings, closer than friends and crazier than anyone you know. Here are 20 signs that reveal you have the best roommate ever.

1. You fight over the same ‘crush’



..but your roomie ‘sacrifices’ for you

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2. One look at your face & they know how you feel

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3. They know when to leave the room when a ‘special friend’ visits



..and know ‘exactly’ what to say when your parents visit



4. You learn interesting sex facts from them


Concepts clear hona chahiye ūüėČ


5. You can pass household chores just by saying, “Aaj Teri Bari”



6. They rarely calculate finances coz they know it will even out eventually


7. From career advice to love advice, they do it all for you


The only Agony Aunt you’ll ever need.


8. Changing clothes in front of each other #likeaboss


Laaj aur sharam, what are you saying, bro?


9. They know your diet. Can order your food without even asking


Do plate momo, ek full chicken tandoori.


10. They have seen you in your ugliest best – wretched hair and morning face



11. You dream of getting rich together


‘Together’ is important.


12. They are your best late night horror movie partners


13. Abusing each other with the dirtiest, silliest, craziest and creative gaalis with a smiling face


..and going on for hours inventing new ones, till your stomach aches with pain


14. Discussing about that cute guy/girl you encountered in the society elevator


Bhabbi hai teri


15. Doing weird things together, cooking experiments etc.

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16. When you talk to your significant other over the phone, they overhear your talk as if nothing has happened


They be like, “Abe, you need privacy from me? LOL.”


17. They stand by you & take equal blame for neighbor and landlord’s complaints


That’s what roomies are for.


18. Some days, you quarrel too. And stop making eye contact or talk

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But you can’t continue for more than a few hours (or minutes, maybe).


19. Even if you have had a bad day, you know..


..when you reach home, a few drinks & bakchodi will always be there to cheer you up.


20. Finally you realize, they are your family away from family – in health & in sickness


We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.

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