20 Signs That You Are A Die Hard Coffee Lover

There are people out there who just cannot do without coffee. It’s become an indispensable part of their everyday lives. A nightmare is very often defined as having no coffee at home. Is your love for this beverage an obsession?

Here is a list of twenty things all coffee lovers would relate to.

1. It’s the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning


It’s almost like you live for it.


2. You like to make your own coffee. Most people just don’t understand that making a good cup is ART



3. When you do find someone who makes good coffee you are like


Good coffee is equal to respect.


4. If your friends want you to come out with them, all they have to say is

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And you just can’t say no.


5. ‘Ho shuru har din aise, ho shuru har pal aise’- is your favourite ad jingle


This song is happiness.


6. When you are depressed, you think of a hot brewing cup of coffee


And you are happy again.


7. You are such a sucker for coffee that you prefer bad coffee over good tea


At least coffee toh hai. How can you have tea?


8. Quite a lot of your money goes in buying coffee. Sometimes it’s more than what you spend on shopping


Expensive but worth it.


9. You judge people on their coffee orders


Seriously! Coffee ice-cream with extra shots of cream? That’s not even coffee dude!


10. You know how to brew your coffee and you swear by it


This is often the best bet.


11. Your idea of a good fun date is a superb coffee joint


You don’t like coffee. I don’t want to date you. Simple.


12. You have converted a lot of people around you to coffee


Mostly because they have no choice.


13. Every new place you go to, the one thing you invariably check and judge is their coffee


It’s okay if the food is bad. How is the coffee?


14. You love South Indians. Their love for coffee is unmatched!

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Filter coffee is awesomeness.


15. Your favourite coffee joint is like your second home


You know the waiters, their history, and their families.


16. You prefer drinking coffee to drinking alcohol

There is room for only one addiction you know.


17. You believe that Coffee blends with all situations


Morning. Night. Happy. Sad. There is a cup of coffee for all occasions.


18. You have often Googled health benefits of drinking coffee


And are sad as hell to know that a lot of it can be harmful.


19. You have a coffee spot at home. Meant only for having coffee

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Those ten minutes are more often than not the best part of your day.


20. All the coffee pictures have made you grab a cup right now


Your love for this drink is unmatched. You know that you would have married coffee if it was a person. That is how much it means to you.

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