10 Ways “2 States” Taught Us To Never Let Go Of Our True Love


The story of Two States, both in the film and the book though sounds like any other romantic story, still manages to stand out. It is a common issue faced by many Indians. People believe in love here, but it is seldom about giving in to it completely. It is mainly because people are infused with the idea of falling in easy love. Easy love is when two people belong to the same religion and caste because that makes things easy.

On the other hand, there are people who fall without thinking twice. They don’t care about which caste or religion they belong to or how well the person looks or earns. It is simply based on feelings. How strongly they feel for each other.

2 states speaks a lot about true love and here are the reasons why you should never let go of your true love.

1. People will always advise you otherwise, but none of them know what you and your partner feel for each other

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People can listen to what you have to say, but can’t step in your shoe stuffed with your feelings for your counterhalf.


2. In the end, religion, caste, social status, color, money nothing matters. What matters is how you feel when you hug your significant other at the end of a long tiring day

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None of these things will matter as long as you manage to convey your love for one another and find a middle ground.


3. Best things never come easy and you really need to work hard to get the best

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All your efforts in making things work will only strengthen your bond and make you realize your dedication and love for one another.


4. There will be misunderstandings, some because of you two and some because of the unwanted opinions world gives, but that is all a part of the process

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Misunderstandings are in every relationship, doesn’t mean you give up on them. Just the way giving up on your parents is not an option, similarly, giving up on your love is not an option.


5. Distance will play a villain in your story but never forget you’re the protagonist of your story

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And it isn’t the end if it’s not happy.


6. People who are against your relationship might give you 1000 reasons to not be with your significant half. But what matters is that one reason you give yourself to hold on every time you feel low

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You have to live with your partner, if they make you happy that is all that matters. If people don’t like them, it is okay. Because they’re not going to face your partner daily.


7. Never fear to commit entirely to the person you’re falling in love with. What are you waiting for? What holds you back? Love is what makes you happy, isn’t that all clear by now?

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Commitment phobia is just a way out for people who are too weak to accept what they feel.


8. Running away from the world and making your relation work is not the way to go about things. You should stand up for your relation strongly in front of your family

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They are humans too. They will take time, but they will understand. And running away from family only means that you think you’re doing something wrong and you have no courage to face it. So, stay there and face it.


9. There are many creative ways to win your family’s heart. If you could make your significant half fall in love with you, then parents should be quite easy

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Convincing parents often look difficult, but it really isn’t. If you have the support of your better half, then you two can definitely win the world.


10. Never give up. No matter what, have patience and believe in your love. Listen to what the world says, but do what you want to do

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Things happen to you when you’re ready for it.

2 states, 2 countries, 2 religions, 2 casts doesn’t matter. One love is all it takes. 🙂

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