18-Month-Old Raped Brutally In Delhi By Father’s Friend Who Was Babysitting Her. SICK!

A lot is happening in the world, right this minute, right this second. Some good, some bad, and some extremely horrible. We were brought up to believe that there’s a whole world out there, but no one told us how sickening it can get. How crimes like rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, gender discrimination, murder, terror attacks, etc are the grave realities of this world.

The world is celebrating Children’s Day today, but in a Delhi’s Safdargunj hospital one child is battling for her life. In an extremely shocking case that has us questioning humanity, an 18-month-old baby was raped in Shahpur Jat village area in South Delhi on Monday.

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The girl is in critical state and is recuperating. She was allegedly raped by a 21-year-old man who was her caretaker. He was hired from an established placement agency where the victim’s father worked. The two were friends.

On Monday, when the mother returned to her home, she saw her daughter crying and her private parts bleeding. She informed her husband and shut the accused in the room, after questioning him.

Police was informed and the girl was rushed to the hospital. According to a Hindustan Times report a senior officer said,

“He (the accused) came back after night duty while the girl’s father left home for his morning duty. Her mother and siblings also left and finding the child alone, the man sexually assaulted her.”

The case has been registered under POSCO and the accused has been arrested.

The chairperson of Delhi Women Commission, Swati Maliwal, tweeted about the gory crime.

She is requesting all the ministers to meet the girl and sentence death penalty to the culprit.

She was raped inside her own home. And, for God’s sake she’s a baby. This is the world we live in? How do people with such sick mentality and such perversion roam about free amid us? We seriously have to do something to change that state.