17 Worst Kinds Of Drivers You Will Encounter Everywhere In India

Bad Driving? More like the essence of Indian roads!!

1. The Spitter


They slow down their swanky car, roll down their windows, shamelessly spit on the road and drive away. And you just stand there like…


2. The Litterer


Probably a distant cousin of the spitter, the world is their dumping ground. There might be a chance they only drive to throw away their litter


3. The Rascal


They are the experienced drivers who reap the fruits of their wickedness by placing an ‘L’ sign on their vehicles so that other people maintains distance from them.


4. The Hell Rider


They swish their way through traffic like a badass, probably with their girlfriend in tow. Their over speeding makes you wonder what they are compensating for….if you know what I mean 😉


5. The Abuser


They are the ones who have a suppressed kind of road rage, where they can’t let anyone pass without abusing them.


6. The Learning Tortoise


They have recently started driving, sit dangerously close to the steering wheel and drive annoyingly slow. You don’t want to be the person who’s stuck behind them.


7. The Lurker


For some reason these people tend to care more about what’s happening in other people’s auto-rickshaws, cars etc. than driving. They are the commute version of spying aunties.


8. The Raging Bull


These drivers define road rage by their nihilistic attitude. They will fight with you just because your vehicle got too close to theirs. They are the reason you get late for work!


9. The Jugaadu


They will change lanes, ride on the footpath and steer their way through heavy traffic with their jugaadu techniques.

10. The Sly Womaniyas


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They act all inexperienced and clueless when driving with the boys


While with their girls they be like



11. The Drift-Kings


These people just can’t drive in straight lines! They channel their dreamy persona into dangerous driving. They get the ‘aaj marega saala’ dialogue from the abusers all the time.


12. The Honkers


These people honk in traffic jams and red lights. While it is considered equivalent to shouting in some countries, it’s a classic time pass in India.


13. The Drunk Drivers


They are found everywhere on weekends. Being illegal as it is, they stop their car in the middle of the road, pee in the bushes and scare not-drunk people with their driving.


14. The Headbangers


The music is always the loudest in their cars. They fulfil their rock band fantasies by air-guitaring in the driver’s seat.


15. The Speed Freak


They believe they are efficient drivers; but they’ve a couple of culpable homicide cases waiting just round the corner.


16. The Parking Mishap-ers


They just don’t know how to park. They will eat-up the parking space of three vehicles, just to park their one. And probably leave a few scratches.


17. The Phonies


Probably, the worst type of all. That phone call or text can wait.

In a split second, you could ruin your future, injure or kill others, and tear a hole in the hearts of everyone who loves you.

Drive responsibly. Drive safe.

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