16 Things Advertising People Know To Be True

I am a law student, but with a stroke of luck I landed myself an internship in an ad agency. Though it lasted a short while, I observed similar behavioral pattern and choice of lifestyle among most of them. Their offices are not as fancy and tech-savvy as the Google offices (they definitely don’t serve free food to its employees) but they do know how to have fun.

Here’s a little sneak peek into what goes on in an ad agency.

1. Borrowing cigarettes

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They might smokes 5/6 cigarette a day but they carry just 1 and borrow the rest.


2. Drinking water from empty alcohol bottles

You see, they are the bunch of people who don’t do mainstream and let’s face it, drinking water from plastic bottles is mainstream.


3. Expensive gadget

They may earn peanuts but they own that one very expensive gadget. Be it a camera, phone, tablet, speakers, bike or a car. Praan jaye par shaan na jaye!


4. Office Desk

You will notice their creative genius on their desk which are customized and decorated with souvenirs, racing cars, G.I.Joe’s and every form of crazy stuff.


5. Casually dressed

They are stylish yet comfortably dressed and a suit and tie is rare sight at work. Unless they are attending an award show or a party later in the night.


6. There is “Scope for improvement”

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The first set of ideas is never approved, the ones that follow aren’t great either and there is always ‘room for improvement’.


7. The desi boy/girl

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That one person on the floor playing shady Bollywood songs, always!


8. Got speakers, blast them off

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It’s alright to blast EDM music and show off your speakers.


9. Multitasking

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With deadlines up to their necks, most of these people are trained enough to easily do 4 things at the same time.


10. Cigarette breaks

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The best brainstorming sessions happen during these endless chai-sutta breaks.


11. The drastic makeovers

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Most of them must have gone through these at some point of time. Men with their long hair and Nathulal mooche’s; women with shorter hair, khadi clothes and jhola bag.


12. Leisurely activities

Evenings are allotted to leisurely activities (read: candy crush, counter strike, kitchen scramble, Farmville, office TT etc) which are taken more seriously than clients. Hell Yeaaahhhh!


13. 8 hr shift is a myth

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They work for ridiculous amount of hours and leaving by 6 p.m. is considered a miracle.


Most of them have mastered the art of sleeping on office chairs and are very comfortable in them.

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14. Free cab service

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We all have deliberately waited till 9 to get free cab service. Now! Who hasn’t done that?


15. Office parties

They are equivalent to abundant free food and alcohol. Mostly alcohol.


16. Creative geniuses


Trust them to throw the most amazing & creatively successful parties, birthdays and farewells.

And that’s the way we roll, baby!

By Camellia Bhowmik

Camellia is a law student, an observer and an occasional writer. She recently moved to a new city and is exploring the unknown. Apart from that, an evening with good music is what she finds blissful. 

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