16 Signs You Work In Social Media

You’ve probably seen a lot of this on the Internet anyway. And it’s always going to make you laugh. But hey! This “stuff” is not as easy as it looks!

1.You are often at the receiving end of  “Don’t you have a job? Why are you online all day?”


You are also found telling people,”THAT. IS. MY. JOB.” quite often.


2.You have a profile on all social media platforms. Including G+


Seriously. G+ is interesting. *sheepish smile*


3.You use hashtags in your daily conversations


No wonder people always think that you’ve lost it.


4. People read newspaper, you get your news on Twitter


#iknow #sotrue


5.You know the rules of conduct on social media



6.You judge people who can’t understand a basic social media function


And people unaware of it are mildly offensive to you.


7.It’s been ages since you came across news that you hadn’t heard of already



8.You ask your friends for a big favor- to RT your brand’s tweet


And your FB posts and Instagram pics and your comments and your… Well you know how it is.


9.You prefer having conversations online rather than in-person


It is only obvious seeing that you stare more at your laptop screen than at your partner. Duh!


10.You judge brands on their social media profiles, and not by their products



11.You roll your eyes when someone says, “Let’s get this viral”


And laugh inside at the naivety of this lesser creature!!


12.Even when almost everyone around you is getting married, all that you can think of when someone says “engagement” is the social media management of a particular brand


Yeah well, marriages aren’t that interesting anyway.


13.Your folks tell the world you “work on Facebook”


Which is part true if you exclude the fact that Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t pay you.


14.You run into people you haven’t met since forever, but you seem to know everything about their lives. Because you apparently “work on Facebook”


Also part true- note point 9


15.It’s not as easy handling so many accounts. What if you tweeted from the wrong account?



16.Most days you totally really LOVE your job. And people don’t get it


And when you don’t love it, its only because you had run out of coffee!!

By Protima Tiwary

A typical Taurean, Protima is an Army brat in pursuit of culinary nirvana. She’s spent half her life traveling all across North India, but considers Pune to be her home. High on love, life and sugar, her energy levels are somewhat contagious.

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