16 Awesome Reasons Why It’s Totally Fine To Not Get Married Now

We have always collectively been obsessed with the idea of marriage. Most people grow up just wanting to get married. Nothing wrong. But increasingly the concept of shaadi is becoming more and more frivolous. So many of us (I hope!) find ourselves not thinking about it. It hasn’t featured in our scheme of things. And yet so many times we are subjected to disapproval and constant nagging.

Here are 16 perfectly practical reasons to not tie that knot. Go ahead and share it with people who nag you all the time.

1. The next time someone lectures you on how marriage is the only way to be. Tell them about Salman Khan


Now, only if George Clooney had not deserted us. *Sighs*


2. Because it annoys your relatives and makes them uncomfortable


‘Beta, when do you plan to marry?’ How about never. *evil grin*


3. Because you believe in ‘love at first sight!’


And this happens every now and then!


4.Your career is your priority and the only thing on your mind


And multi tasking is just not your thing!


5. You like kids but as long as they are someone else’s



6. All the marriage and ‘our little angel’ photos that your friends share actually make you feel sorry for them



7. You are impulsive, carefree and available


ONLY as long as you’re not married!


8. You don’t have the heart or the intention to blow up all your savings (or your father’s) in a single day


Because more often than not people are fixated with the idea of a wedding and not marriage.


9. You end up using the whole bed when you sleep. There is no room for anyone else




10.  All your free time is invested with friends and family. Kyuki shaadi ke baad no one has time for anyone else


True story.


11. If the word ‘FOREVER’ intimidates you then my friend don’t get married



12. Believing in ‘Happily ever after’ is like believing in Santa Claus



13. Contrary to popular belief single people save more money than their married counter parts


Baby food and diapers can get very expensive you know.


14. You can read all night, watch a match, party or even go out for a quiet drive


Without having to explain when and where. Awesomeness.


15. With marriage comes spouse. With spouse comes in-laws. With in-laws comes this


Ekta Kapoor was not completely wrong here. You have to be very sanskari to get past this one!


16. You believe that there is no such thing called ‘an appropriate age to marry.’


All you need is an appropriate person.

Until such time. Happily Unmarried!

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