15 Ways You React On The Silly Things Your Husband Does

Men are lovely strange creatures, but can be worked around for the most part. But needs to be dealt with patience and resilience.

Women are  lovely strange creatures too, who react in weird ways to the antics of men. Confusion, maar-peet, “I hate you”, silent treatment &  consolation follows. Here are 15 ways you react on the silly things your man does. Check how many of these are true.

1. When they forget to call you before an important event and try to apologize after



2. You get irritated when they are super messy and you have to clean up after them



3. When they are late on a special occasion, you give them the cold shoulder



While you secretly want to…



4. Sometimes, you feel like throwing up with their ‘manly’ odour which borderlines on stench



5. Your sarcasm trumps your common sense when your guy gets you the very thing you hate. Why? Because he never listens!



6. You have to act all mature when they get cuts and bruises, because their inner kid has come out



7. You can’t define in words how pissed you are, when they say PMS isn’t a real thing



8. When you cook something and it is a little off, you just prefer to stay away and avoid any arguments that may not end in your favour.



9. You tell them off when they suggest you to lose weight for your own good.



10. When they praise someone else in front of you, you make a mental note to grill them later



11. You just stare at them in anger, when they don’t act all dreamy and romantic in front of other couples and just be their goofy self



12. You look in disbelief, when they act clueless about house chores



13. You feel like breaking down, when they get you the wrong kind of masala for the Nth time



14. If a conversation turns into the mention of an ex, you can’t help but give the stinky eye



15. The worst comes, when they are correct in an argument and you can’t do anything but sulk about it


“No man is truly married until he understand every word his wife is NOT saying”

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