15 Things You Will Understand If You Live Away From Home

Whenever you leave home for a job or to study, you are excited about all the fun you are gonna have…


What really happens is a little different…

1. You are late to everything, because the only thing that works for you in an alarm clock is the snooze button



2. Preparing food on your own mostly ends up in disastrous results



3. And then maggi comes to the rescue



4. The weekend comes with a massive pile of dirty clothes, waiting just for you to be washed



5. Grocery shopping seems tougher than rocket science, and almost always you end up calling your mom for help



6. No matter how much sweeping and moping you do, your place needs to be cleaned all over again the next day



7. Your bad money management skills get the better of you, resulting in an eternal money crisis



8. You learn to cope up with a little bit of mess around



9. You get so homesick that you start to miss your mother’s scolding



10. Whenever your parents call, they always warn you “Kuch galat kaam mat karna, bas padhai pe dhyan dena”


While your actual girlfriend back home is worried about the sexy lasses you might meet at college



11. You develop an insane addiction to drinking tea. You can have your beloved chai ka pyala from early morning to midnight



12. There’s always some form of borrowing or lending you have going on with your friends



13. Being sick is the worst, because there is no one to tend and care for the little child in you


14. You are always suspicious of everyone, because who knows the snoopy next-door neighbour


might secretly be a serial killer…



15. You miss the pleasure of being able to show some drama and be the center of attention  without your family


“The nice thing about being away from home is the feeling of excitement when returning to it”  ~Mehmet Murat ildan

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