15 Reasons Why You Just Can’t Go To The Gym Today

At some point in our lives, we’ve all taken gym memberships. But the fact that we miss the gym everyday, 5 years in a row, is a different story altogether. 😉

Here are some of the most hilarious (yet so common) excuses people offer to avoid the gym.

1. I’ve a headache


It’s mild, but why take risk. No?


2. It’s raining outside, how can I go?


Sounds legit.


3. It’s so hot outside, how can I go?


Let’s just  wait till the weather is perfect. Absolutely.


4. I go alternate days, “Kal hi gayi thi…aaj off hai mera”


..coz three days a week is enough for my body, you see.


5. My gym shoes are dirty


Can’t go without my shoes.


6. Let me buy those Nike shoes first, then I’ll go regularly


Fair enough. We’re not pointing fingers.


7. I need to eat healthy food first, then go to gym


Diet first, gym second. Satya vachan.


8. I’ve got no time


Can’t blame you. So less time and so much to do.


9. “Aaj mera fast hai”


Upvaas: A day when you take rest coz you’re on a potato chips diet.


10. It’s Sunday, bro


You crazy? Why would anyone hit the gym on a Sunday?


11. It’s anyday of the month, bro


This month is almost over, I’ll go from 1st next month. Trust me.


12. I’m still thinking of a good excuse to tell the gym instructors


I’ve been absconding since a long time, I need to come up with something solid.


13. Today is my recovery day. I don’t want to risk injury


I’m taking it slow, baby.


14. The gym is probably closed today


It’s not.


15. “Kal se regular, pakka…God promise”

And your friends be like…


“Those who think they have no time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” Edward Stanley

Excuses don’t burn calories. Stay fit, stay happy.

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