15 Classic Situations When Adults Act Like Kids

As we grow up, most of us manage to fit perfectly in the adult world. We act the expected way, we weigh our thoughts before we let them out. Mostly we manipulate and act all grown up. But occasionally we do drop our guards. We act on impulse, guided by our instincts, following not the rules but the childlike innocence.

Here is a list of fifteen classic situations that bring out the child in all of us.

1. When you have to wake up really early in the morning


Whine. Pout. Throw a fit. There is no running away from this one.


2. When you pray to that someone up in the clouds


You blackmail, harass, bargain and make exchange offers to bhagwan when life isn’t going your way.


3. When your mother buys your sibling a gift and forgets about you


Tantrum time.


4. Every time you are down and sick


You cry for that extra attention and love.


5. When you are really really angry!


And your sentence construction and grammar goes for a toss.


6. When you lovingly cuddle your pet and shower them with all your love



7. When you see an adorable toddler and you want his attention


Suddenly you are talking their language. Gibberish mostly.


8. A lot of couples ‘baby’ talk each other all the time


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Cupcakes and honey bun are not just things you eat, it’s also the name of your better half. ‘Shona, Jaan’ included too.


9. When you have a sudden craving for Ice cream


You scream, I scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM.


10. When you are losing an argument but you are hell bent on repeating yourself


With child like ignorance. Oops I meant innocence 😉


11. When you buy a new gadget and are obsessing over it


Sometimes smart phones don’t make you look so smart.


12. When it’s really cold but you have to take a shower


Life appears to be really harsh. What are you going to do?


13. When you see your favourite movie star walk past you


You gape with childlike innocence.


14.  After you have watched a really scary film


Lights on. Check.
Music on. Check.
Going to the bathroom? No fu****g way.


15.  And if nothing else, this little fellow unfailingly brings out the kid in all of us


Someone once said that you will find more happiness growing down than growing up. So once in a while unleash that child inside and reconnect with the real you.

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