14 Worst Problems That Left Handed People Face In India

The world is custom made for the right handed. Roughly 11% of the world’s population has a prominent ‘left’ hand. That makes us a minority and add to it, back home it’s also considered a taboo by some. As such there are problems unique to the lefties.

Here’s a list of fourteen things that most left handed people encounter in their everyday lives.

1. That look of disapproval when you extend your left hand for the prasad


No sanskar at all.


2. Right handed people prefer to not sit next to you at dinner tables


The elbow nudge is inevitable.


3. That expression on your relative’s face, when she discovers that you are left handed


“Ulte haath se khati hai?!”


4. Most of what you write or draw ends up on your hand


And often on your shirts too. Clumsy you say. Nah, just left handed.


5. We hate exams for a completely different reason



6. That school teacher who thought being left handed was a mental disease and she could cure you of it


“Saraswati ulte haath se nahi aati.”  Really?


7. Yes we eat with our left hand. No, we don’t wipe our ass with it


Stop staring. Like now.


8. Handshakes, high fives and tying shoe laces did not come easy to us


True story.


9. And THIS is another true story


Left ya right? Hamesha confused.


10. As you grow older, you realize that you are not retarded


It’s just that door knobs, locks, fridge doors and scissors are designed for the righties.


11. When your friends go like “OMG! You are left handed!”


Yes, I secretly want to punch you.


12. Left handed guitars, note books and custom made belts are always more expensive. And never easily available


Hello world. Being left handed does not equal to being rich. Just saying.


13. Research says we die younger, are prone to alcohol and depression


God, are you right handed?


14. But research also says that we are artistic, have a higher IQ and are blessed with better linguistic skills!


Phew! Kuch to ‘right’ hai 🙂

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