14 Signs You Have A Bossy Sibling

When you feel that you have been prepared for the military staying with your sibling, it is a clear sign that they are bossy. That doesn’t mean you don’t love them, you just have had more “I will kill you”s shared with them than “I love you”s .

1. Blackmailing and ratting you out in front of your parents is their major weapon

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And when these fail, tears and sympathy comes next.


2. You don’t have any schedules; you have to follow theirs

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3. It’s like they have the right to annoy you

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4. You become the guinea pig for various experiments

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Also sometimes they will let their friends borrow you. 🙁


5. If you take their stuff, you are dead meat

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But it’s their birthright to use your stuff.


6. They will use and lose your stuff and still find a way to blame you

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7. You never get to watch your favourite TV show

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Saas-Bahu sagas with your mom is the only TV you get to watch.


8. They never share their food with you

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And it’s high time you learned they never will.

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9. If there’s one leg piece in the chicken curry; it’s not meant for you

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Get used to it already.


10. They are the most draamebaaz people you will ever come across

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Even aliens are better than them.


11. You never get to decide when making plans of going outside

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They can always manipulate you into doing anything.


12. Somehow your parents also tend to listen to them

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13. They mostly have an ego taller than themselves…

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…but they will hunt you down if you point it out to them.


14. But the good part is they would safeguard you no matter what

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Because only they can bully you. If somebody else does it, they are gonna hurt them real bad.

Enjoy the little things in life, for someday you will realize they were the big things.

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