13 Truths Of Life Only A Late-Night Person Will Understand

While most of us are wired to function in the day and sleep in the night, there are exceptions to this rule today. With the concept of the ‘nine to six’ job slowly disappearing, a lot of us find ourselves functioning rather well in the night and sleeping by the day.

Here is a list of thirteen relatable things that only the night owl understands.

1. Mornings are only meant for this

And your mother now has surrendered to fate.


2. Anyone who calls you in the morning is going to be forever disappointed

Why you ask? Refer to point number one we say!


3. The term ‘late night’ does not exist in your life. But the word ‘late’ has a completely different meaning in the mornings



4. You know every single ’24 hour open’ food joint in your area

And you are the person people often call when they have late night parties.


5. While partying you are always last in and last out

Everyone eventually goes to sleep but not you.


6. All the noise, commotion and honking in the day really gets to you

You crave to go back to your peaceful, quite nights.


7. Eye bags are a serious problem

And you have devised your own ways to fight it out.


8. You are the 4 AM friend people often talk about

Mostly because you are the only one up at four and willing to talk!

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9. Tossing and turning and trying really hard to sleep is an every night thing


And you really envy people who can do this with complete ease



10. Most of your online activity happens late into the night


And you truly appreciate the inventor of backlit keyboard on laptops.


11. Those rare times when you do fall asleep at night


You wake up feeling like an achiever and no one can truly value sleep more than you do.


12. But unlike most normal people, you have seen the rising sun almost every single morning

The only difference is, once the sun is out, it’s never a good morning, it’s always a good night.


13. But finally, you find joy in the fact that Late-night Owls are more intelligent than Morning Larks


Now that your late-night habit is backed by science, go watch a movie for the night.

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